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Malaga, Spain

Villa Paradiso

Malaga, Spain

Just as no two people are the same, each addiction is different. That's why Villa Paradiso offers individualized treatment plans to help you overcome your personal struggle with substance abuse and get back on track in life.

Many years of experience and exceptional results confirm that their addiction treatment works. In addition to the highest standards of professional treatment and personal support, they include a range of optional activities to help refocus mind, body and soul.




A central element of their addiction treatment is absolute privacy and discretion, which is why Villa Paradiso Spain in Marbella is preferred by people who seek anonymity and a place in which to be at ease and focus on taking back control of their lives. Their offer this without compromise within a beautiful, relaxed and sunny environment.


After a medical examination and personal consultation, they develop a treatment adapted to your individual needs once they understand the root cause of your addiction.


To stop taking drugs and drinking alcohol can be dangerous, life-threatening and painful. This is why it needs to be medically controlled in a safe environment, closely monitored.


This medically managed programme weans the client off their drug or substance addiction, providing physical aid to the psychotherapy treatment that tackles the causes of your addiction and backgrounds to the addiction and facilitates rehabilitation.


Their approach focuses on returning body, mind and spirit to good health. This includes a healthy diet, rest in an invigorating setting, Yoga and/ or exercise, the opportunity to spend time with family and activities that allow you to reconnect with fun.


After the treatment has been completed at Villa Paradiso they don’t forget about you but realise that you must have ongoing support and advice when you need it.


The place is nice and clean, the staff are friendly and want to get to know you and most importantly you seem to get the result you are there for which for me was not just stop using but not to have the desire to use anymore which is something I never thought was possible.



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