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Sebring, Florida 

Tikvah Lake Recovery

Sebring, Florida

They are an extremely personalized six-bed residential addiction and mental health treatment center. They offer the highest level of care from our experienced clinical and medical staff. Their private luxury rehab facility is private and the accommodations are second to none.

They believe addiction is a personal problem and it demands a personalized solution. Their clinical director works one on one daily with every guest to ensure lifelong recovery.





Located in Florida, their grounds boast a pool, spa, dock and boat with plenty of sunshine and fresh air. Their facility is a 15,000 square foot mansion on a 200-acre lake. They have a library, lounge areas, gourmet kitchen, private therapy spaces, recreational room and generously sized bedrooms with en suites.

Whiskey With Ice
Alcohol Abuse &

Alcohol abuse harms relationships, causes missed work and leads to legal problems such as driving under intoxication.

Poker Chips
Gambling Addiction

Gambling addiction is when one is not capable of ceasing to gamble, bet, play – even and especially at the cost of financial consequences.

Prescription Drugs
Drug Addiction

Many people who use drugs over time build up a tolerance are often victim to drug overdose.


Mental health concerns like depression affect people from all walks of life. This illness is something that can develop later in life for no reason

Psychology Session
Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety is actually a healthy feeling to feel. It keeps up alert, readied and prepared for eventualities that might occur, like a job interview or an exam.


There are many things that can cause trauma in a person’s life. Bullying, violence, physical abuse in adulthood and even early childhood abuse.

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