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Sydney, Australia

The Cabin

Sydney, Australia

The Cabin Sydney is a specialist addiction treatment centre dealing with substance addictions, such as alcohol and drugs, as well as process addictions like gambling, sex and compulsive use of the internet.

Part of The Cabin Addiction Services Group, The Cabin Sydney represents the first multinational addiction treatment centre to enter the New South Wales and Australian market and brings with it the latest in proven, effective and holistic addiction treatment provided by a team of clinical professionals with many years of experience in the field of addiction.


The Cabin Sydney offers confidential assessments.





The Cabin Chiang Mai is their general residential rehab centre, whereas The Edge is their specialised centre for young men with addiction and behavioural concerns. Both are located in resort-like settings with lush, tropical surroundings and world class amenities – the perfect environment to focus on rehabilitation and recovery.


The Cabin Sydney provides world-class, comprehensive addiction treatment in Australia. As part of The Cabin Addiction Services Group, an internationally recognised and highly respected leader in addiction treatment and behavioural health, The Cabin Sydney offers innovative, effective treatment for substance and process addictions using our own unique Recovery Zones method. We employ only the best addiction treatment specialists with extensive knowledge and experience in treating the complex disease of addiction. In addition to effective addiction treatment, our clinical team is highly skilled in both identifying, and treating co-occurring mental health issues to ensure lasting, relapse-resistant recovery.

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