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Sydney, Australia

Sydney Detox & Rehab

Sydney, Australia

Sydney Detox and Rehab is an exclusive and private drug and alcohol rehab centre located in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Their clients are offered a 7-28 day drug and alcohol withdrawal program in a comfortable and relaxed, non-clinical environment.


They value confidentiality, discreteness, support, and understanding.

They are there to help you every step of the way. Whether you are considering a drug or alcohol withdrawal program for the first time or have relapsed, their goal is to support you at every stage of the process.





Sydney Detox and Rehab offers luxury accommodation in a non-clinical environment. They understand that living with an addiction can be a stressful period and their aim is to ensure you have the most comfortable and safe stay.


Alcohol Addiction

They offer medically supervised detox  which is supervised by fully trained and experienced doctors. They also have nurses onsite 24/7 — all of who are trained to diagnose and deal with alcohol withdrawal symptoms. 

Drug Addiction

Their doctor will conduct a thorough assessment to help establish a treatment plan. They may prescribe medication that could help in alleviating your withdrawal symptoms. Nursing staff will monitor your health throughout the day and specially trained staff ensure that your detox is as comfortable and safe as it can be.

Gambling Addiction

Gambling, like all other addictions, will only worsen the longer a person goes without treatment for it. What might begin as harmless fun on a Friday evening can quickly escalate into a Monday morning gambling session after skiving off work. This is a problem, and it must be treated as soon as possible.


An incredible & life-saving experience at Sydney Detox & Rehab centre.
The treatment was completely tailored, rather than a 1-size fits all, and the supporting practitioners recruited to support you are world-class. They are caring, compassionate and professional and provide a 360 degree approach for the mind, body and spirit.
The healthy food provided by a daily chef will be missed! Every whim (intolerance / preference) catered to.
For those seeking privacy for their recovery and no awkward group sessions, this is the place to go.



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