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Bali, Indonesia

Seasons Bali

Bali, Indonesia

Seasons Bali was the very first addiction treatment centre on the golden island of Bali. To this day, they are the only ISO9001 (Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Services) certified rehabilitation centre in South East Asia.

They are proud of our last clinical audit, which showed that 83% of clients who participated in their 90-day program are still in recovery over a year later. Of those that followed the 90-day program with six months of transitional housing, 100% are still in recovery.

They believe that the work of breaking addiction is best practised initially outside of regular life and routine. In line with this philosophy, they chose Bali as an exotic location for their rehab centre. Their tropical beachfront  location removes their clients from their every day lives. This approach allows total focus on the mission at hand. 





At Seasons Bali, they take pride in providing you with luxurious, private beachfront accommodation in one of our traditional villas. All of their guests will enjoy comfortable, private rooms, ensuite facilities and easy access to the swimming pool. They make every effort to ensure that your accommodation is at all times clean, comfortable and spacious. 

Located far away from the nightlife and chaos of Seminyak, Canggu and the south of Bali. They like to call it the forgotten north where traditional Balinese village lifestyle can still be experienced….a great place to recover.

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