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Yambuk, Australia

Retreat South

Yambuk, Australia

Retreat South is one of Australia’s leading facilities for the treatment of trauma, PTSD and grief. We also specialise in effective and enduring treatment for depression, anxiety, stress and dual diagnosis with substance abuse.

They are distinguished by the calibre of their team and the depth of their experience. Their ability to handle complex problems is unmatched in Australia.





In their experience, recovery is accelerated and enhanced in an atmosphere of tranquility and calm.
While you are with them you will stay in your own fully equipped, private, spacious and comfortable suite complete with living area and ensuite bathroom.
You will feel comfortable, safe and completely at home. They are not a hospital, the gardens are beautiful and the buildings are welcoming.

A history of success

They are the leaders in the field of providing enduring solutions to mental disorders and addiction. At Retreat South they have in-house Australia’s foremost mental health and addiction treatment teams.
Some of their greatest successes have been with clients who have tried many other programs only to find that lasting recovery still eludes them.

Compassion & respect

They believe that the conditions we treat are illnesses and not moral deficiencies or weaknesses. They will treat you with compassion, understanding and respect.

Unique and effective treatment

Their approach is unique and their treatment is based on based on tried and tested, evidence based methodologies and practises for the treatment for PTSD, trauma, grief, depression, anxiety and addiction.
They believe that the dynamics that can play out in group therapy can be counter-productive.

They take care of everything

They provide everything, and you will want for nothing. They will free you of day to day worry and stress and give you the emotional and mental breathing space to begin recovery.

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