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How A Luxury Rehab Helps with Prescription Drug Abuse

About 12 million people die each year as a result of drug abuse throughout the world. One in five people worldwide dies as a result of this. In the most hard-hit nations, like the United States, the situation is awful, and prescription drugs are a major contribution to this drug epidemic.

According to the National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics, 6% of Americans aged 12 and above abuse prescription medicines in a year. 4 in every 5 cases of prescribed drugs are opioids, and 12% of those using prescription medicine struggle with addiction. Some commonly abused prescription drugs include benzodiazepines, opioids, sedatives, painkillers, depressants, stimulants, and more.

While this is a high rate of drug misuse, you must also note that you can develop drug dependency even when you follow the doctor’s advice. It is also good practice to consult your doctor before taking a higher dosage of prescribed medicines or mixing prescription drugs with other substances such as alcohol. This is because some prescribed medications have high potency for an addiction like opioids and may result in chronic addiction fast.

Luxury Rehabs

Luxury rehabs have little difference from the traditional ones. Still, even this tiny difference gives them a few steps ahead in prescription drug abuse recovery. All rallies provide medication management, drug detox treatment, and counseling; however, a luxury rehab broadens the range of treatment options and offers luxurious, resort-style treatment facilities. Furthermore, they provide top-notch staff, care and attention, meal services, and programming.

Removes Distractions and Obstacles

Luxury rehabs remove anything classified as an obstacle to providing 100% time to heal your mind, soul, and body from drug abuse. While some treatment facilities employ work chores of cleaning, laundry, and cooking, luxury rehabs remove all this and direct this time to alternative therapies and healthy activities like meditation and yoga. Certain facilities even limit the time spent on technology to facilitate enough time for living a healthy lifestyle.

Quality Tailored Treatment for Patients

Luxury rehabs offer an all-pervasive quality treatment plan tailored specifically for individual clients to help them recover from prescription drug addiction. These facilities employ skilled counselors and keep a low client/staff ratio to help you recover fully- personalization and flexibility aren’t only about the treatment schedules. In some facilities, they treat only one client. In contrast, others treat 15 people in a private, spacious and luxurious environment at a given time.

Accommodates Travel or Work

Luxury rehabs often accommodate clients who have responsibilities they can’t’ unplug from during their 30-day stay. In these instances, some facilities give you a dedicated workspace. In contrast, others allow you to use the internet for your business. Suppose you have business travel or an event to attend. In that case, luxury rehabs offer a sober companion or therapist who guarantees a safe return to recovery.

Broadened Variety

Most luxury rehab centers offer a wide range of treatment options, food, counselors, and activities. Hence, if one treatment option doesn’t work, counselors at these centers find other treatment options personalized just for you.

Comfortable Settings

Most people feel emotionally drained in a 30-day treatment facility due to the elevated emotional states from drug abuse. These effects may have a negative emotional and physical toll on you, slowing your recovery. However, comfortable settings in luxury rehabs help you relax your mind and body and practice what you learned during sessions.


Not all recovery treatments are for you; some might work, others might not. Therefore, consider all aspects of a treatment option before choosing a treatment plan or facility. Suppose you have decided on working with a luxury rehab. In that case, many options are available for you, even ones that allow insurance to cover costs.


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