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Mazatlan, Mexico


Mazatlan, Mexico

At the Oceánica addiction clinic, they offer a tailor-made solution for problems related to the abuse of alcohol, drugs, medications and codependency. Their goal is to help you recover through an intensive and personalized program that combines a whole clinical team, which identifies and accompanies you to solve these disorders, integrating the family in their recovery process and your rehabilitation.

Their treatment center was designed and built in front of the sea with the purpose that nature will be an essential part of your recovery in an environment of tranquility and harmony where the natural becomes healing.





At Oceanica they believe - and experience has proven this - that contact with nature produces a therapeutic effect of peace and harmony in our users, which stimulates them positively. Thus, the experience of recovery in Oceánica marks his existence because it generates a real and lasting change, both in the quality of his own life and that of his loved ones.

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