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Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Moffitt Wellness Retreat

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

At Moffitt Wellness Retreat they understand the shame, guilt, and humiliation accompanied with addiction.  There is only one answer to stop the Madness, Sadness, and Isolation, and that is to Surrender. From there the healing can begin deep within the heart, a place where we can be forgiven and more importantly forgive ourselves for the damage we have created within the dynamic of our family and friends.

We don't have to let the disease of addiction control the rest of our lives. There is Recovery and at MOFFITT WELLNESS RETREAT they treat the whole body, and restore your health so there is a chance at long term Recovery! Their aftercare plan will give their clients the security in knowing that when it's time to depart they will be there for you so you won't have to be alone anymore!





An extraordinary villa in the hills of the beach of Mismaloya, Moffitt Wellness Retreat offers the ideal place for recovery. A 4-villa, multilevel facility with over 8,000 square feet, Casa Patricia includes a swimming pool, gym, and is fully staffed to cater to your individual needs.


Calm Sea

Their mission is to guide you to cultivate strength with the ability to break self-destructive habits and patterns that are conscious and unconscious in nature.  

In the ability to achieve this, they create positive life changing shifts within your normal daily habits from the very moment you arrive. These ‘shifts’ comprise of a program based strongly in renewing your physical and emotional well being through nutrition, physical fitness/therapies, group/private counseling, and meditation.  

This approach allows their guests to achieve personal breakthroughs in multiple areas of their lives. This enables our guests to achieve a total transformation from drug and alcohol addiction, and a renewed sense of hope and positive outlook.

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