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West Palm Beach, Florida

Beachway Therapy Center

West Palm Beach, Florida

Located in Palm Beach County since 2008, Beachway Therapy Center is a nationally recognized provider of substance abuse treatment with a specialty in treating individuals who suffer from co-occurring mental health disorders.


By providing evidence-based and innovative holistic therapy, their team of dedicated and experienced professionals empowers their patients to recover in a safe and private environment.





The peaceful environment at Beachway provides an ideal environment to promote recovery. Their modern accommodations offer privacy within a caring community that is completely focused on healing and therapy. At Beachway, patients should feel safe and supported.

Evidence-Based Treatment

They treat drug and alcohol addiction at the root cause to help clients find sustainable recovery. At Beachway, they offer a range of long-term treatment plans and therapy approaches.

Trauma Evaluation & Therapy

At Beachway, each patient is evaluated for trauma. A patient’s trauma history is always treated with great care, targeted therapy, clinical support, and a holistic approach.

Dual Diagnosis

Dual diagnosis treatment works to discover and treat the deeper issues that bring individuals to their addictive behavior. That’s why a patient at Beachway is not an “addict”; instead, they’re a person suffering from an addiction.

Long-Term Rehab Options

At Beachway, they provide thorough and methodical treatment to shed old, detrimental habits and develop new, productive ones.  They offer longer-term programs from 60 days to one year.

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