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Chiriqui Province, Panama

Serenity Vista

Chiriqui Province, Panama

At Serenity Vista, you will overcome your alcoholism or other addiction, and transform your life! Surrounded by the wonders of natural beauty in one of the safest and most beautiful countries in the world.

Serenity Vista is a world-class, international, private, holistic addiction treatment center offering you the highest quality in individualized alcohol, drug and other addiction treatment.

Serenity Vista has an outstanding staff of highly skilled addiction & holistic professionals.


The program is life changing for people looking for a new life free from addiction. Accepting only a few guests at a time, each person receives intensive individualized attention resulting in extremely high success rates.




Quality, experience, dedication, innovation, value, natural beauty and private tranquility—that’s Serenity Vista. Highly individualized, compassionate rehab for alcoholism and other addiction. An oasis of hope, healing & renewal. Where your new life free from addiction will transform beyond your wildest dreams!

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