Athens, Greece

Hellenic Practice

Athens, Greece

Starting at 15,000 €

At Hellenic Practice, they offer addiction treatment programs for every stage of recovery. Their  program and philosophy is based on the educational holistic freedom model approach, a scientifically proven method that provides lasting recovery.

With a success rate of more than 65% they know that addictions and mental disorders can not be cured with medications alone, rather, it requires a professional strategy and lifestyle changes that will set you free to a living the life that you deserve.     





Detoxification as a standalone treatment is not effective.

The Educational Holistic Model is the best approach to achieve a
long-lasting recovery for treating all addictions permanently.

We offer consciousness-based medical and educational treatment
programs which guarantee the best results compared to traditional rehabs.

Mansion Residential Accommodation

The mansion residential treatment program provides exclusive 6 star home accommodation in the Athens riviera seaside area. The program is all inclusive and provides on premises psychiatric treatment gym and a luxury spa membership.

Luxury Suite Accommodation

The 5 Star luxury private suite provides accommodation in the Athens seaside area.The program includes holistic activities, sports, gym & spa membership. The property has no sea view, it is within city limits near the beach and located in Bari Riviera.

Luxury Yachts

The Luxury Yachts are Located at the Athens riviera seaside marinas and sailing along the coast of Athens and to the gorgeous Greek Islands of the mediterranean sea. The program is all inclusive and provides private chef and full crew to manage the yacht. 


I went to Greece to get help with poly substance abuse. I worked hard for 30 days and I made it through, thanks so much for the help.

Denise R.