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Athens, Greece

Harmony Place

Athens, Greece

The retreat health centre's website invites visitors on a wellness journey. The centre boasts a tranquil environment where individuals can disconnect from daily stresses and prioritize their overall health. They offer programs ranging from 7-day detoxes to extended stays, tailored to fit individual needs. Their skilled team of practitioners provides services such as yoga, meditation, nutritional advice, and holistic therapies, all aimed at enhancing well-being and combating mental and physical addictions.


The centre's philosophy goes beyond just treating illness symptoms; it's about empowering people to live balanced lives. Their website furnishes details about their offerings, hoping to inspire a proactive step towards health and self-discovery. They eagerly await the opportunity to assist visitors in achieving peak health and rejuvenation.

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In the city known as "XENIOS-ZEUS," a luxurious five-star accommodation awaits guests, designed to foster recovery. Whether staying in an apartment, residence, or a boat along the Athenian Riviera, guests are assured of utmost comfort and unmatched Greek hospitality. Each guest receives personalized, private treatment in a plush setting, complete with professional care, discretion, and a dedicated housekeeper ensuring cleanliness.


The tranquil surroundings, coupled with the beauty of the Saronic waters and the "Attic sky," create a perfect retreat for rejuvenation. Confidential therapies, bespoke meals following nutritional guidance, and a dedicated car for appointments or leisure add to the experience. This family-run establishment prioritizes privacy, offering guests a unique blend of warmth, support, and top-tier care, embodying a life philosophy beyond mere treatment.

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