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Nobby's Creek, Australia

Gunnebah Addiction Retreat

Nobby's Creek, Australia

At Gunnebah, they use evidence-based best practice and highly skilled staff to partner with you to create the optimum environment for your recovery from addiction to drugs, alcohol or unhealthy behaviours.


They combine your motivation with our research-based program of education, counselling, group therapy, mindfulness, exercise and fun activities so you can reclaim control over your life and rediscover your joy and purpose in living. 


Gunnebah accommodates all guests in private rooms in our charming mudbrick bungalows. Most rooms open out onto covered patios, with outdoor furniture and native gardens. Each room is simple, clean and attractive with comfortable beds and storage space. Bedrooms have ceiling fans but not air conditioning. Bathrooms and toilets are shared.


At Gunnebah they have developed an evidence-based program that includes:

Physical health

Exercise, nutrition and sleep
Mental health

Understanding your relationship with addiction & building skills to make sustainable change
Spiritual health

Counselling, group therapy, mindfulness
Social well-being

Rebuilding social skills, making healthy connections


Just before I arrived at Gunnebah, I had hit rock bottom. My addiction to alcohol was controlling my life and it seemed impossible to find a way out. But after only a few short weeks here, I feel ready to begin my life again. Addiction isn’t solved overnight, but Gunnebah has given me the tools and the strength to pick myself up and have another go at life. If you’re struggling with addiction issues, then I would absolutely recommend this wonderful place.



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