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Tequesta, Florida

Futures Recovery Healthcare

Tequesta, Florida

Addiction, with or without any co-occurring mental health diagnoses, is a hard reality to come to terms with.


The staff at Wellness Resource Center, possessing over 200 years of combined experience, understands that fact.


It is their mission to provide a smooth entrance into treatment and to ensure that you or your loved one receives the therapy, counseling, case management, and life skills education you need. 





Futures Recovery Healthcare is a system of programs specialized in providing a complete spectrum of services to treat primary addiction, co-occurring mental health conditions and primary mental health.

Comprehensive residential and detox program

Addiction and co-occurring mental health conditions are complex chronic medical conditions requiring comprehensive and coordinated care and long-term management. Futures helps individuals establish a foothold in recovery and a plan to sustain lasting health and wellbeing.

Concierge Residential Program

The emotions and behaviors, that often accompany power, success, and societal status can create an environment ripe for substance use disorder. Futures has identified the need to extend its specialty programming to simultaneously exceed the elevated standards of this select community of individuals and families.

Comprehensive Mental Health Program

Futures treats adults experiencing depression, anxiety, bipolar, and other mood conditions. Through compassionate care and tailored therapies, Futures helps patients learn to navigate life’s everyday challenges, including work stress, parental and family relationships, and other issues that can trigger and exacerbate the symptoms of mental health conditions.

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