Athens, Greece

Athena Passages

Athens, Greece

One of Europe’s Most trusted addiction treatment programs. Offered in conjunction with our unique intensive outpatient program ATHENA Intensive™.


Athena Passages provides ambulatory detoxification and residential programs at cost affordable prices. They are there for you & can’t wait to be a part of your life changing journey.


The Residential Housing Facilities of ATHENA Passages have been artfully crafted to support sobriety and encourage positive change in those recovering from addiction. With elegant, modern furnishings and exquisite attention to detail, all three of their housing facilities serve as a beautiful environment to begin a new chapter in life.

Choosing Treatment

They believe that recovery should teach honesty and discipline while promoting sober fun. There is an alternate way of life, and millions of recovering people across the globe are experiencing it at this very moment. Allow yourself to be one of them.

Family Support

They understand that addiction not only affects the individual, but also the individual’s family and friends. Whether you are a parent, sibling, or someone battling substance abuse,they encourage your participation in their after-care support groups.

Detox & Residential

Athena Passages uses the latest advancements in addiction medicine to make sure your detoxification is as quick & painless as possible. Once completed you will immediately join their staff in exploring the beauty Greece has to offer.


An incredible facility, offering world class care in an incredible setting. The team are professional, understanding and personable. The location itself allows you to relax and focus on the issues, with the added security of being a licensed medical facility.. Has to been seen to be believed.